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Find Lawn Care Services Now

During the off-season, lawn care is typically the furthest thing from people's minds. However, this is actually the best time to set up scheduled service. Once the spring comes, everyone who wants services like weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing will rush to try to get on a lawn care company's schedule. This makes it very likely that in the spring, everyone will be booked.

Setting up lawn care near Chatham-Kent, Ontario, is as easy as contacting LCD LawnCare and Landscaping. This company offers not only mowing services, but also landscaping services, spring and fall clean-ups, and other related options.

There is no need to have a pristine lawn to set up lawn care near Chatham-Kent. You can choose a "quick cut," which gets everything mowed without any extras, or go for a fuller package that includes string trimming, leaf blowing, and edging. Not only that, you get to choose how often the service comes out. Weekly and bi-weekly options are available.

LCD LawnCare will also take care of your hardscaping projects. If you'd like a brick walkway, driveway, or patio, just give them a call. They take care of everything, saving you from hours of heavy labor. The results will be professional and long-lasting, so you also won't have to worry about doing the work again any time soon.

Landscaping projects involving gravel are also no problem for LCD LawnCare and Landscaping. You don't even have to start with new landscaping to convert the desired areas to gravel instead of mulch. Your existing plants will be preserved, and the gravel will be carefully placed around them. Of course, if you would rather eliminate whatever plants are growing in the target area, the company will do that instead. Either way, the end result will look great.

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